Danelectro guitarsDanelectro has unveiled a reissue of its 1956 U2 guitar. The model has been tweaked for 2011 and comes as a Single Cutaway with  classic features such as a rosewood bridge (which has fixed intonation), tape around the edge of the Masonite body, lipstick-shape pickups, and concentric volume and tone controls.

Two versions are available – single coil or single coil/humbucker combo. But the two versions come wth a number of options.

The combo  model comes with a double-lipstick tube humbucker in the bridge position and single coil at the neck. It’s available in red, black or aqua and includes a Dolphin Nose headstock.

The single coil model comes with single coil pickups at both the bridge and neck positions. It is available in white with gold hardware and a Full Bell headstock, as well as black, copper or black & red crackle with a Coke Bottle headstock.

These guitars will retail for about £370. They are affordable because they are manufactured in China and  made from inexpensive materials. The Masonite top and back, which are mounted on a laminated wood frame, ensure that the unique and classic Danelectro tone is retained.

Danelectro has also released a ’56 bass in aqua or black.

More at the Danelectro website.