No matter how niche you think your interests might be, there is always someone somewhere who has posted a video on YouTube relevant to your particular obsession.

My son and I have become immersed in learning to play Ramble On by Led Zeppelin. Specifically, the way it’s played by Jimmy Page in the film It Might Get Loud.

We’ve studied the album version,  purchased 4 video tutorials and watched the film countless times. But we still haven’t quite got it right. In the film, the camera keeps cutting away at critical moments.

Then good old YouTube came to the rescue, or so it seemed. AndyK243 posted a video demonstrating his mastery of the way it’s played in the film. But AndyK243 shot the sequence from an acute angle, so we still can’t make out the bloody finger positions. Very helpful.

We’ll just have to ramble on. Play it Jimmy…