I was up early today, and on a mission – to get my son’s hair cut. Luckily for us, one of the UK’s biggest guitar shops is located directly opposite the barbershop. So once my son’s head was shaved we popped into Guitar Guitar to give the Egnater Rebel 30 a run for its money.

We’d tried this amp on a previous visit to the shop and loved it. The sound it made just stayed in our heads. So we were drawn to give it another go. The tone is just fabulous. A rich, warm sound. Not too bright. Not too muddy. Beautiful cleans. Great crunch. And aggressive gain. This amp has incredible versatility.The TUBE MIX knob lets you access a wide variety of tones by switching from 6V6 to EL84  valves, or blend anywhere in between. I won’t bore you with the spec; you can get that on Egnater’s website. What you need to know is that this amp gives outstanding boutique quality tone at a relatively affordable price. The Rebel 30 112 combo retails at around £750 while the head/cabinet set costs about £1,000. OK, it’s not cheap. But you can pay a hell of a lot more for a box from a big brand that won’t deliver anywhere near the tone that the Rebel 30 pumps out.

Search for the Egnater Rebel 30 on YouTube and you’ll get a plethora of demos to choose from. But here’s one from Boris Bulkin, using the Rebel 30 head.