The sonic wind guitar
The Sonic Wind

It’s not very often that the design of the electric guitar gets a radical re-think. The design principles applied to virtually all modern electric guitars are derived from a few basic templates created more than fifty years ago by two major manufacturers, Fender and Gibson. We are talking Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul and 335.

Over the decades there have been enhancements, improvements and innovations. For example, the new Gibson Firebird X is packed with electronic wizardry which supports Robot tuning and a mind-boggling array of tone features, while the Virage Series from Vox is built around ergonomically contoured body shapes made possible by advanced three-dimensional carving techniques. But the basic principles of guitar design have remained pretty much unchanged. Up until now, that is.

The Sonic Wind, designed by Hector Trevino, marks a radical departure from conventional guitar design and construction. Hector’s patent pending through-neck and open-chambered body concept is a revelation. While working as a machinist in a factory in Illinois, Hector began to daydream about building guitars in an entirely different way. After two years of planning, designing, building and re-building, The Sonic Wind was born.

Clsoe-up of the sonic wind guitar
Close-up of the Sonic Wind
Full le Sonic Windength view of Th
Full length view of The Sonic Wind

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