3 monkeys amplifier
3 Monkeys amplifier

One night, a few weeks ago, I was lounging on the sofa with a whisky in hand watching Jools Holland’s “Later” on TV when I spotted an amp I didn’t recognise. Ooooh! I sat up and took note. It was being used by Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and he was getting great tone from it.

Video of said TV moment below:

I did a bit of research and discovered that Jim James was using an Orangutan made by 3 Monkeys, so I dug deeper. I’d never heard of 3 Monkeys amps, but it turns out they make extraordinarily beautiful amplifiers that sound amazing. The three monkeys who founded the company are Greg Howard, Ossie Ahsen and Brad Whitford, so it’s no surprise that they build spectacular amps.

Greg Howard is a respected guitar tech who has toured with artists such as Aerosmith, Green Day, Linkin Park, Jimmy Page, The Black Crowes and others. Ossie Ahsen is an experienced amp technician and builder – he designed and built Blockhead amps. Brad Whitford has been a guitarist with Aerosmith since 1971. Strong pedigree then.

Visit the 3 Monkeys website for videos, sound clips and a whole heap of information about these wonderful amplifiers.

Most boutique gear made in the US never hits our UK shores, but the folk at Tone World know a good thing when they see it and had the sense to start importing 3 Mokeys amps. For stock and pricing visit Tone World.