Thank you, Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall OBE: 1923-2012

This evening I am lamenting the death and celebrating the life of Jim Marshall, with the aid of a few glasses of red wine.

Several years ago, my son Harry and I attended a major guitar show in London. Harry was about 10 or 11 at the time. As we were leaving, we spotted Jim Marshall signing T-shirts, posters and other merchandise at the Marshall stand. I wanted to go over, introduce Harry and myself, and thank him for creating such outstanding amplifiers.

We had been at the event most of the day and Harry was getting tired. It was one of those moments: do we queue to meet Jim, express our gratitude and get home much later, or do we go for the train now? Alas, we decided to go for the train in the hope we’d get the chance to meet Jim at some other event. Of course, we never did, and I have always regretted not saying “thank you”. So I’ll make amends, and do it now.

Thank you, Jim Marshall, for giving guitarists wings. We have lost a hero, a giant. You are a legend.

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