Hiscox case for Gibson Les Paul guitar
Hiscox case for Gibson Les Paul

In my last post, I reviewed my new Gibson Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute. In that review, I explained that the guitar comes with a gig bag, but no hard case. I gig quite often, so need more protection for my guitar than is offered by a gig bag.

I quite fancied a Gibson hard case – branded case and all that. But before splashing out on a Gibson case, I did some research and came across a lovely case made by Hiscox. They make one specially for Les Paul shaped guitars: the STD-EG model. They are highly regarded, well built, light, offer excellent protection against shock and temperature fluctuations, and are half the price of a Gibson hard case. What’s not to love?

The decision to partner my new Gibson guitar with a non-Gibson case wasn’t taken lightly. I had two major concerns. One, would it fit my guitar as well as a Gibson case. And two, would the lining, or other materials used in its construction, pose any threat to the nitrocellulose finish on my beautiful Gold Top ’60s Tribute.

Guitars finished in nitrocellulose need to be treated with more care than those covered with a polyurethane varnish. Some materials, including rubber and leather, can eat away at a nitro finish, and rapid changes in temperature can cause surface cracking.

I presumed that a Gibson case would be a better fit for the guitar than the Hiscox. But the Hiscox case fits my guitar perfectly.

The following video explains the value of a Hiscox case. It covers, in detail, how Hiscox cases are constructed and what level of protection they offer.

More at the Hiscox website