Still from Horse Back
Still from Horse Back (used here for review purposes only)

Recorded on the 6 Jan 2012, this jam session is pure joy. Guitar tone doesn’t get much better than this, my friends. Lose yourself in sumptuous, saturated, overdriven sounds.

The session, engineered and mixed by John Hanlon at Audio Casa Blanca, is based around two old tracks: “Fuckin’ up” and “Cortez the killer”. It is beautifully shot by Ben Johnson. As the music plays, the camera roams around an empty studio and lingers over road-worn guitars, amplifiers, drums and old studio kit. Guitar and studio porn heaven. 37 minutes of raw, visceral tone. If you feel no affection for the derelict Tweed Fender Deluxe or the battered Gibson Les Paul with Bigsby trem, I recommend therapy.

If you want to dive straight in to “Cortez the Killer”, it starts around 18 min 50 sec.

The video appeared on the homepage of Neil Young’s website as a teaser prior to the release of the Americana album, by Neil Young & Crazy Horse. It disappeared after a few weeks, and though buried on Neil Young’s website, it can still be found at

Enjoy! It’s dark and beautiful stuff.