Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts: review

I have a little obsession at the moment. It’s called “Light Up Gold” – the debut LP from Parquet Courts. Formed in 2010 and based in New York, Parquet Courts have recorded one of the finest albums I’ve heard in a very long time.

Light Up Gold is quite simply glorious. It ticks all the right boxes. And lots of them. If Parquet Courts were any more up my street the band would be living next door. With echoes of early Talking Heads, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers and The Strokes, the album bounces with lo-fi, riffy, garage-band energy. Guitar tones are raw and earthy. Songs – short, sharp and catchy – zip along at a frantic pace. Punchy, intelligent lyrics are witty and poetic. The vibe is reminiscent of Pavement’s 1992 debut album Slanted & Enchanted, but Light Up Gold has a newness, a groove that’s all its own. Its impact is instant; its appeal lasting. This is an album you’ll play again and again, for years to come.

Light Up Gold was originally released in 2012 on “Dull Tools”, a record label owned by Parquet Courts’ lead singer and guitarist Andrew Savage. The limited run created an instant buzz and the album was picked up by the larger label “What’s Your Rupture?” and released again in 2013.


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