Tsar Bomba release EP

My son plays in a band called Tsar Bomba which recently released an EP called “Bastard Behind The Eyes”. The band has started to generate a bit of a buzz, so I thought it was about time I stopped worrying about nepotism and gave the boys a little exposure. Here’s the EP, a few facts and no value judgements.

Tsar Bomba are:

  • Alex Somerville – lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Harry Hoyle – lead guitar, rhythm guitar and backing vocals
  • Harrison Galliven – bass guitar
  • Nicholas Stamper – drums

Band members are all from Epsom, South London. They formed Tsar Bomba in the summer of 2013.

Here’s the EP. Enjoy.

As I said, no parental value judgements. End of.

Find out more about the band:

Blog – tsarbombauk.wordpress.com
Facebook – facebook.com/tsarbombauk
Twitter – twitter.com/TsarBombaUK
SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/tsar-bomba-uk
Gig Review – omgurso2003.blogspot.co.uk
Interview – ghgumman.blogg.se

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