Ed Lincoln – Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular

I recently discovered the work of Ed Lincoln while trawling through websites dedicated to rare exotica and lounge music vinyl from the 1950s and 1960s. When I came across an image of the cover for Ed Lincoln’s album Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular, I was so taken with it, I got straight onto YouTube to see if I could find any music clips. I had to know if the album sounded as spectacular as the cover promised. I found a few clips and, bingo, the music was utterly joyous. For the next couple of weeks I spent an hour or two every night after work searching online in the hope of finding a copy for sale somewhere. Eventually, I acquired an original (1963) vinyl pressing in great condition from a dealer in Brazil. Happy days.

Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular back of cover
Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular back of cover (click for larger image)

Ed Lincoln, born Eduardo Lincoln Barbosa de Sabóia, (May 31, 1932 – July 16, 2012) was a Brazilian musician, composer and arranger known for a wide variety of styles. He started his musical career as a bassist, but is mainly known as a cool Hammond organist. He was playing in the early days of bossa nova, fusing samba and jazz, and was a pioneer of space-age pop in the 1950s and 1960s.

Track listing:

A1 Miss balanço
A2 Só danço samba
A3 Vou rir de você
A4 Influência do jazz
A5 Um samba gostoso
A6 Vamos balançar
B1 O samba é bom assim (Pra mim)
B2 Pra que?
B3 É um estouro
B4 Balansamba nº 1
B5 Tristeza
B6 Olhou pra mim

Label side 1
Label side 1 (click for larger image)


Label side 2 (click for larger image)
Label side 2 (click for larger image)

It’s difficult to describe Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular. It’s shameless easy listening. It’s wonderfully uplifting. It’s bossa nova tinged with the futuristic sounds of space-age pop. It’s effervescent kitsch. You have to listen to it to get it. So here are a few clips, courtesy of YouTube:

In 1963 Musidisc released two versions of the album in Brazil: a mono version with the catalogue number XPL-27, and a stereo version ST-XPL-27. I bought the stereo version. The album has never been repressed, so if you find a copy it will be one of the original pressings from 1963. It has been digitised and can be purchased for download. The glorious artwork on the front cover is credited to Joselito. No musician credits are given.

I have not been able to find out why, but in the 1960s Ed Lincoln released two albums on the Musidisc label with the title Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular: in 1961 and 1963. But the albums are completely different. The cover design and track listings are not the same. The catalogue numbers for the 1961 album are: mono XPL-12, and stereo ST-XPL-12. To avoid any confusion, most listings classify the 1961 album as Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular 1 and the 1963 album as Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular 2.

Version released 1961
Seu Piano E Seu Orgão Espetacular 1

Happy hunting all you vinylheads.

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