Arena Reverb by TC Electronic – review

My son, Harry, guitarist for indie band Tsar Bomba, just bought himself a rather wonderful reverb pedal made by TC Electronic: Arena Reverb. It’s a customised version of the much-loved Hall of Fame reverb pedal, also by TC Electronic.

The Arena and Hall of Fame are identical except for the casing colour and the four exclusive factory presets on the Arena (Royal, Parliament, Season and Passage) which replace LoFi, Tile, Ambient and Gate found on the Hall of Fame. All other dials, switches and presets are the same. Any Hall of Fame TonePrint can be downloaded from the TC Electronic website and loaded into the Arena. But the Arena-specific factory settings are not available as TonePrints for the Hall of Fame.

The Arena offers a diverse array of sounds from 10 preset reverb types, which can be controlled through easy-to-use dials for Decay, Tone and FX Level. It’s a true bypass pedal, and includes both mono and stereo input/output sockets. The four exclusive reverb settings,  Royal, Parliament, Season and Passage, were meticulously crafted by tone wizard, Barry Mitchell. They sound lush. Here’s what TC Electronic say:

Besides a generous selection of reverb types from the original Hall of Fame Reverb, you get four new heavenly-sounding verbs. ROYAL is a perfectly tuned Cathedral with subtle modulation on the tail, amazing for more melodic ambient pieces, and PARLIAMENT is a great sounding hall. SEASON will get you a lovely spring and PASSAGE is a nice room verb, which really adds some spice and life to your rhythm tone. But what makes these new reverbs truly shine is how meticulously they’ve been EQ’d. Even on high decay and mix settings your tone is still ultra-defined, letting every one of your notes shine through with angelic clarity.


For a full description of features, visit the TC Electronic website:

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