The day I met Tony Visconti

I don’t get out much. But when I do, I like to go large. On Monday 19 September 2016, I met legendary music producer Tony Visconti when I attended the grand opening of the Visconti Studio at Kingston University. Could life get any more exciting? Yep. In 1979 Visconti worked on David Bowie’s album Lodger. I just happened to have a vinyl first pressing of Lodger with me at the launch event, and Tony was kind enough to sign it.
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Offset Mastery Bridge: a must for players of Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars

I have long been a fan of the Fender Jazzmaster. I love its quirky circuit switching, offset waist and range of tones. But I don’t own one for the simple reason that the bridge is a bit crap. Its the only weakness in an otherwise stellar guitar. Recently, however, a chance encounter led me to discover the Offset Mastery Bridge, a beautifully engineered replacement for the stock Jazzmaster bridge. All of a sudden, the acquisition of a Jazzmaster makes perfect sense.
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Guitar scale length: its impact on tone and playability

Ask any guitarist what features influence their decision-making when buying a guitar and from most you’ll get the same response: wood, pickups, neck profile, fretboard radius, action, body shape and colour. Apart from colour, all of the above affect playability and tone, which should be the key criteria on which any buying decision is made. However, you rarely hear a guitar player mention scale length, and scale length has a significant impact on both playability and tone.
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Hiscox guitar case – review

In my last post, I reviewed my new Gibson Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute. In that review, I explained that the guitar comes with a gig bag, but no hard case. I gig quite often, so need more protection for my guitar than is offered by a gig bag.

I quite fancied a Gibson hard case – branded case and all that. But before splashing out on a Gibson case, I did some research and came across a lovely case made by Hiscox. They make one specially for Les Paul shaped guitars: the STD-EG model. They are highly regarded, well built, light, offer excellent protection against shock and temperature fluctuations, and are half the price of a Gibson hard case. What’s not to love? (Read more…)

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