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Suhr Shiba Drive Reloaded: review

In 2009, Suhr released the Shiba Drive. My son recently bought the “reloaded” version, which is an update to the original pedal, tweaked to create something more amp-like, with a tighter low-end, focused mids and 50% more gain than the original Shiba Drive. The Reloaded version is a great overdrive pedal for players of Blues, Jazz and Rock.
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JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals
From left to right: Pollinator, Bun Runner, Pulp ‘N’ Peel

I recently discovered JHS Pedals while trawling the web in search of high quality delay effects units. The company, started by Josh Scott in early 2007, is based in Kansas City, Missouri. It makes extraordinarily beautiful, professional-grade, minimalist, boutique effects pedals.
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Z Cable – the end of capacitance and impedance woes?

Z Cable
Z cable: optimise the performance of your amp and guitar

The more I learn about electronics in relation to guitar and amp setups, the more I find to worry about.
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Suhr Koko Boost pedal – review

Suhr Koko Boost
Suhr Koko Boost

Just bought myself a Koko Boost – by Suhr. Expensive, but wonderful.

In a band setting, there are so many times when I need to cut through the mix during a riff or solo. Sometimes I just want my guitar signal boosted; sometimes I  want it boosted with a bit more grunt. I was getting tired of fiddling around with my guitar volume control in the middle of songs, so it was time to do some research and find myself a quality boost pedal. The decision to purchase the Koko Boost wasn’t difficult: its flexible, high quality, and has unique features. It’s not cheap; it retails for about £200. But if you want the best you gotta pay for it.
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