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Dan Auerbach’s guitars and gear

Guitar tech Dan Johnson gives a fascinating insight into the guitars and rig used by Black Keys’ frontman Dan Auerbach – courtesy of Premier Guitar.


Twelve new Telecasters to celebrate 60th anniversary

The Fender Telecaster, released by Leo Fender in 1951, was the first successful production solid-body electric guitar. To celebrate the Telecaster’s 60th anniversary, Fender is releasing 12 different models in limited runs throughout 2011.

The range  includes a beautiful Olympic White thinline – my personal favourite – a Cabronita version with TV Jones Filter’Tron pickups, the Indiana Barn ’52 made from pine salvaged from a 200-year-old barn, and the Lamboo which features a bamboo neck and laminated bamboo top.

Photos and further details of the limited edition Telecasters are available at the Music Radar website.

The Fender Custom Shop is also reissuing historically important Telecasters, including the Nocaster, Broadcaster and Telecaster prototype. These custom models are listed on the Custom Shop website.

Danelectro ’56 Single Cutaway Series

Danelectro guitarsDanelectro has unveiled a reissue of its 1956 U2 guitar. The model has been tweaked for 2011 and comes as a Single Cutaway with  classic features such as a rosewood bridge (which has fixed intonation), tape around the edge of the Masonite body, lipstick-shape pickups, and concentric volume and tone controls.

Two versions are available – single coil or single coil/humbucker combo. But the two versions come wth a number of options.

The combo  model comes with a double-lipstick tube humbucker in the bridge position and single coil at the neck. It’s available in red, black or aqua and includes a Dolphin Nose headstock.

The single coil model comes with single coil pickups at both the bridge and neck positions. It is available in white with gold hardware and a Full Bell headstock, as well as black, copper or black & red crackle with a Coke Bottle headstock.

These guitars will retail for about £370. They are affordable because they are manufactured in China and  made from inexpensive materials. The Masonite top and back, which are mounted on a laminated wood frame, ensure that the unique and classic Danelectro tone is retained.

Danelectro has also released a ’56 bass in aqua or black.

More at the Danelectro website.

Hagstrom Viking

The Hagstrom Viking is a hollowbody guitar that retails for around £500. It shouldn’t work so well at that price, but it does. Its Resinator Fretboard is made of composite material and gives a response similar to ebony wood.

This guitar is flexible. Good for blues, jazz, rock or indie.

More about the Viking at Hagstrom

Blackstar HT Stage 60 Watt Combo

These amps have been in short supply across the UK for a couple of months, because of their popularity, but they are just beginning to appear in retail outlets again. 60 Watts of glorious valve tone should give you enough punch to fill all but really big venues.

This amp is so flexible. The ISF switch allows you to dial in any sound from American to British and everything in between.

More at Blackstar website

Vox Guitars – unique pickups

Vox guitar, Virage
Vox Virage

Vox Guitars are doing something innovative with their pickups. The new design facilitates P90, Single Coil and Humbucker style.

Their inventiveness also extends to uniquely contoured bodies and new bridge technology.

Vox Guitars

Fender Blues Junior III and Stratocaster

Such a great combination: the new version III of the Fender Blues Junior valve amplifier and a Stratocaster guitar.

More about Fender’s Hot Rod amplifier series.

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