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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

Hot Rod Deluxe III
Hot Rod Deluxe III - front panel and top panel views

I recently bought a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III. This is the latest version of the single-speaker 40-Watt combo from Fender’s Hot Rod Range, which includes the:

  • DeVillle 410 III (60-Watts with 4 x 10″ speakers)
  • DeVille 212 III (60-Watts with 2 x 12″ speakers)
  • Blues Junior III (15-Watt 1 x 12″ speaker)
  • Pro Junior III (15-Watt 1 x 10″ speaker)
  • Blues DeVille reissue (60-Watts with 4 x 10″ speakers)
  • Blues Deluxe reissue (40-Watts with 1 x 12″ speakers).

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Suhr Riot pedal

Suhr Riot pedal
Suhr Riot Pedal

I just bought myself a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III amplifier. Great tone machine. I tried a lot of amps before deciding on the Hot Rod Deluxe. I was looking for an amp that covered tones from clean, through to crunch, and all the way upwards and onwards to full gain. I tried Fenders, Blackstars, Egnaters, Vox etc etc and very soon realised that no amp does everything well. But I kept being drawn to the Hot Rod because of its clean channel, which blooms and shimmers. It also has a drive channel which offers great crunch, which can be boosted by the “More drive” switch which takes one into high gain territory.

The Hot Rod deluxe excels at clean and crunch, but only really knocks on the door of high gain. To cover all bases, I decided to partner the amp with a boutique distortion pedal from Suhr – the Riot. Used in conjunction with the Hot Rod’s cIean channel , I can get any tone I want. And if I kick in the Hot Rod’s more drive channel via the amp’s footswitch, I get the option to beef up the gain for solos. Read more…

Fender Blues Junior III and Stratocaster

Such a great combination: the new version III of the Fender Blues Junior valve amplifier and a Stratocaster guitar.

More about Fender’s Hot Rod amplifier series.

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