Suhr Shiba Drive Reloaded: review

In 2009, Suhr released the Shiba Drive. My son recently bought the “reloaded” version, which is an update to the original pedal, tweaked to create something more amp-like, with a tighter low-end, focused mids and 50% more gain than the original Shiba Drive. The Reloaded version is a great overdrive pedal for players of Blues, Jazz and Rock.
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Suhr Koko Boost pedal – review

Just bought myself a Koko Boost – by Suhr. Expensive, but wonderful.

In a band setting, there are so many times when I need to cut through the mix during a riff or solo. Sometimes I just want my guitar signal boosted; sometimes I  want it boosted with a bit more grunt. I was getting tired of fiddling around with my guitar volume control in the middle of songs, so it was time to do some research and find myself a quality boost pedal. The decision to purchase the Koko Boost wasn’t difficult: its flexible, high quality, and has unique features. It’s not cheap; it retails for about £200. But if you want the best you gotta pay for it.
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Suhr Riot pedal

I just bought myself a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III amplifier. Great tone machine. I tried a lot of amps before deciding on the Hot Rod Deluxe. I was looking for an amp that covered tones from clean, through to crunch, and all the way upwards and onwards to full gain. I tried Fenders, Blackstars, Egnaters, Vox etc etc and very soon realised that no amp does everything well. But I kept being drawn to the Hot Rod because of its clean channel, which blooms and shimmers. It also has a drive channel which offers great crunch, which can be boosted by the “More drive” switch which takes one into high gain territory.

The Hot Rod deluxe excels at clean and crunch, but only really knocks on the door of high gain. To cover all bases, I decided to partner the amp with a boutique distortion pedal from Suhr – the Riot. Used in conjunction with the Hot Rod’s cIean channel , I can get any tone I want. And if I kick in the Hot Rod’s more drive channel via the amp’s footswitch, I get the option to beef up the gain for solos. Read more…

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