Way Huge Supa-Puss – pedal review

A few months ago, I decided to add a delay unit to my pedal board. But with so many on the market to choose from, which one to go for? After weeks of research and demos, I bought a Supa-Puss Analog Delay, designed by Jeorge Tripps, founder of Way Huge Electronics.

Anyone familiar with the Way Huge pedal line manufactured in the ‘90s or the current crop of Dunlop-made reissues will more than likely be aware of the Aqua-Puss: a dead-simple, highly effective, rich, warm-sounding bucket-brigade delay. If you want an original, be prepared to pay big bucks. They are much-loved, and highly sought after. Thankfully, Dunlop make a more affordable MKII. The Supa-Puss retains all the tonal characteristics of the original and MKII, but extends the delay time from 300ms to 900ms and, with the addition of a few simple controls, offers a sonic landscape that can be bent, twisted and distorted. Enjoy the warmth and saturation of an old tape echo without any of the maintenance issues or propensity for sound degradation.

In addition to the standard Delay and Feedback controls, the Supa-Puss includes Tone for shaping, Gain for adding grit, and Speed and Depth for shimmering modulation. A Mix control lets you set the amount of blend between wet and dry signals, and you can add an expression pedal via a jack socket to enable foot-control of delay time. A Tap Temp footswitch lets you easily set delays in time with the music and you can choose between four subdivision modes: quarter note, dotted 8th, 8th-note triplet and 16th note. You can access a Chase Mode by holding down the feedback knob for 3-4 seconds. In Chase Mode, delays automatically cycle through the rhythmic subdivisions, creating a shifting delay effect. A single push of the feedback knob will allow you to step through 5 different Chase Mode sequences.

I decided on a bucket-brigade analog delay because I find the sound of many digital units too bright and pristine. I wanted something with a wider tonal range. My preference is for a saturated, slightly dirty, dark, vintage vibe. I also needed a pedal that is easy to use on a dimly lit stage. With its tonal flexibility and simple control layout, the Supa-Puss is just the ticket, and its feature set will allow you to go oscillation crazy, if that’s your thing. Shoegazers will have a lot of fun.

Here are a few video demos, published by others on YouTube:

More about the Supa-Puss at www.jimdunlop.com

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