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Victory V40 Deluxe – amp review

A few months ago, I tried a Victory V40 Deluxe combo at my local guitar emporium. It was so goddamn good,  I went back a couple of weeks later and bought it.
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Way Huge Supa-Puss – pedal review

A few months ago, I decided to add a delay unit to my pedal board. But with so many on the market to choose from, which one to go for? After weeks of research and demos, I bought a Supa-Puss Analog Delay, designed by Jeorge Tripps, founder of Way Huge Electronics.
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David Bowie: Behind the curtain – book review

In 1975, rock ‘n roll photographer Andrew Kent was invited by David Bowie to join him, on and off, for a couple of years on the road to document the Isolar tour, which set out to promote the album Station to Station. With unprecedented access to Bowie and his entourage, Andrew Kent came away with some of the most important, intimate and iconic images of one of music’s most creative artists.
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Filet of Soul by Luis Rivera – album review

I collect vinyl. By default that means I spend too much time trawling through websites, charity shops and record stores to satisfy my habit. The task is always lonely and the outcome mostly disappointing. But persistence yields rewards. Every now and then I come across something special. A curiosity by an artist I’ve never heard of which shouts, “Buy me!” And so it came to pass that I discovered Filet of Soul, by Luis Rivera.
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The day I met Tony Visconti

I don’t get out much. But when I do, I like to go large. On Monday 19 September 2016, I met legendary music producer Tony Visconti when I attended the grand opening of the Visconti Studio at Kingston University. Could life get any more exciting? Yep. In 1979 Visconti worked on David Bowie’s album Lodger. I just happened to have a vinyl first pressing of Lodger with me at the launch event, and Tony was kind enough to sign it.
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New offset guitars from Fender – coming October 2016

Looking for a guitar that’s a bit different? Like alternative body shapes? Fender’s new Duo-Sonic and Mustang guitars and basses could be right up your street. Over the years both models have been released with various modifications. The latest versions benefit from a range of updates which include a string-through-body hardtail Strat bridge on the guitars.
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Arena Reverb by TC Electronic – review

My son, Harry, guitarist for indie band Tsar Bomba, just bought himself a rather wonderful reverb pedal made by TC Electronic: Arena Reverb. It’s a customised version of the much-loved Hall of Fame reverb pedal, also by TC Electronic.
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Fano Standard JM6 – review

Close friends and family know that I have lusted after a Fano guitar for a very long time. Recent trauma in my personal life caused me to re-evaluate much and made me realise I need to cut loose and enjoy myself a bit more. So I splashed some cash and bought a Bull Black Fano Standard JM6. I’ve had the guitar a few weeks now and have gigged with it. It’s an absolute joy.
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Visions of Us on the Land by Damien Jurado

A very beautiful album from Damien Jurado: Visions of Us on the Land. This is the limited box set triple disc version with demos and extra tracks on white vinyl. A fabulous West Coast sound that fuses rock, folk and psychedelia.

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